Craft Camp

We hold get away Craft Camps at twice each year for our regular customers.  These are very casual, laid back camps, often with a variety of crafts going on (scrapbooking, cardmaking, crochet, sewing, painting etc).  There's no crafting time limit (some participants craft all night) and to help keep costs down, we use a local Scout Camp and ask participants to share in meal prep, dishes and tidy up and clean up at the end.  Our camps are usualy held over the middle weekend of the school holidays in April and Sep/Oct.

Camps run from 3pm on the Thursday through to 3pm on the Sunday and currently cost just $260 per person.  This price includes accommodation, lunch, dinner and pudding Fri & Sat, lunch Sunday and tea and coffee.  There's just about always baking available on the sharing table too.

We have a good range of supplies available for purchase on site, but you are free to bring whatever supplies you already have.  We dont have any set classes, but ocassionally will show techniques or how to use new products etc and we always have a game or 3 of Bingo with prizes for the first 'Line' and 'Bingo' itself.  Loads of fun, lots of laughs and nothing too serious.  From time to time, we have a themed camp and these are always lots of fun as well.

Currently, whilst covid is still in the community, we are running our camps with reduced numbers, however we normally offer around 14 places.  Demand is almost always higher than the available spaces, so we have a priority list, which is set up based on length of time as a customer/camper and the most recent camp attended.  Prior to each camp we start at the top of the list and send out invites until we reach our maximum number of participants for that particular camp, or until the list is exhausted.  There are currently 25 people on the list and whilst that seems a lot, we have previously reached the bottom of the list, so let us know if you would like to be added to the list, as you just never know your luck.

Email us for a full information pack if you'd like to know a bit more.

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